At Microwave Factory we provide total-solution test systems and support expertise to address the most advanced emerging wireless technologies.

Today's highly-electronic society keeps progressing and the relationship between communication devices and humans has become closer than ever before.
This drastic proliferation of wireless communications devices will enrich our lives but the safety of the radio waves emitted by these devices is a growing concern.

At Microwave Factory “We Support Your Power” by enabling our customers to characterize these wireless devices to ensure their conformance to industry performance and safety standards.


Company Name Microwave Factory Co.,Ltd.
Founded 25 Feb. 2003
Capital JPY 46.5 million (as of 25 April 2018)
Revenue JPY 1.8billion (expected 2021)
Board Member
Chairman and Representative Director
Masahiko Yamaguchi
Toshiyasu Tanaka
Masanori Sakurai
Masaki Sakuraba
Kazuhiko Nishioka
Motoyasu Kando
Number of Employee 50 (as of April 2019)
Business Design, Construction and Manufacturing of;
  • – Shielded Room and Box
  • – Anechoic Chamber and Box
  • – Microwave and EMC Measuring System
    • ・Measurement of Electromagnetic Wave
    • ・Shield Testing
    • ・Site Attenuation
    • ・Field Uniformity
    • ・Testing under Anechoic environment
    • ・Antenna, under any Environment
  • – Positioner, such as Turntable and Antenna Tower
  • – Automatic Measurement Software
  • – Microwave Absorber and Other Accessories for Electromagnetic Wave Testing
  • – Automatic High-Frequency Measurement Device


2003 February Founded in Machida-shi, Tokyo
2004 February Head office moved to Machida
2004 December Increased capital to JPY 20 million
2005 June Certified for ISO9001:2000
2007 October Opened Chu-bu Office in Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture
2008 February Opened Sagamihara Lab in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
2010 March Increased capital to JPY 31 million
2010 June Began importing products of Haefely EMC Technology, Switzerland
2010 September Certified for ISO9001:2008
2010 November Began importing products of Statex GmbH, Germany
2011 August Relocation of Chu-bu Office
2012 May Opened Kansai Office
2012 August Opened Shin-Yokohama Lab in Yokohama
2014 June Accredited by A2LA under the ISO/IEC17025:2005, Calibration Laboratory Cert #:3577.01
2014 September Opened Hachioji Lab in the Microwave Research Building, Hachioji Campus,
Takushoku University
2014 October Joined Cornes Technologies group
2016 February Certified for OTA Lab
2017 April Increased capital to JPY 31.5 million
2017 July Certified for ISO9001:2015
2017 October Relocation of Kansai Office
2018 April Increased capital to JPY 46.5 million
2018 September Closed Shin-Yokohama Lab
2019 February Acquired a shareholder of E&C Engineering K.K.
2019 November Relocation of the head office to the current location
2020 January Integrated with E&C Engineering K.K. and started operations under the group name of CORNES RF ENGINEERING.
2020 May Acquired "ISO9001:2015" certification as Cornes RF Engineering
2020 August Accredited by A2LA under the ISO/IEC17025:2017, Calibration Laboratory Cert #:3577.01 at 815-1 Tatemachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo


  • 1.Shielded Room and Shielded Box
  • 2. Anechoic Chamber and Anechoic Box
  • 3.Microwave and EMC Measuring SystemMeasurement of Electromagnetic Wave
  • 4.Shield Testing
  • 5.Site Attenuation
  • 6.Field Uniformity
  • 7.Testing under Anechoic environment
  • 8.Antenna, under any EnvironmentDesign and Manufacturing of;
  • 9.Automatic High-Frequency Measurement Device
  • 10.Positioner, such as Turntable and Antenna Tower
  • 11.Automatic Measurement Software
  • 12.Microwave Absorber
    and Other Accessories, Equipment, Tools and Facilities
    Other Electromagnetic Wave Related Businesses

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