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We are Microwave Factory

From President

Toshiyasu Tanaka PresidentToshiyasu Tanaka

IT devices and mankind are becoming inseparable as the progress of an
advanced electronic society continues. The spread of innovative IT devices
enriches our lives, but on the other hand, unwanted radio waves emitted by IT devices can cause serious problems to other devices.
We, Microwave Factory, under a slogan “We support your power”, are a total
solution company in RF, providing solutions with our know-hows, and support companies involved in development of advanced RF technology.

About Company

Company Name Microwave Factory Co., Ltd.
Board Member Masahiko Yamaguchi (Chairman and Representative Director)
Toshiyasu Tanaka (President)
Akira Kimura (Director)
Founded 25 Feb. 2003
Capital JPY 31 million (as of 2 Mar 2010)
Revenue JPY 800 million (expected 2015)
Number of Employee 40 (as of Dec. 2015)
Business Design, Construction and Manufacturing of;
– Shielded Room and Shielded Box
– Anechoic Chamber and Anechoic Box
– Microwave and EMC Measuring SystemMeasurement of Electromagnetic Wave
– Shield Testing
– Site Attenuation
– Field Uniformity
– Testing under Anechoic environment
– Antenna, under any EnvironmentDesign and Manufacturing of;
– Automatic High-Frequency Measurement Device
– Positioner, such as Turntable and Antenna Tower
– Automatic Measurement Software
– Microwave Absorber
and Other Accessories, Equipment, Tools and Facilities

Other Electromagnetic Wave Related Businesses

Construction Approval Approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for Interior Finishing, January 2013
Member Organisations Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA)
KEC Electronic Industry Development Center
Chubu Electronics Association


2003 February Founded in Machida-shi, Tokyo
2004 February Relocation of the head office to the current location
December Increased capital to JPY 20 million
2005 June Certified for ISO9001:2000
2007 October Opened Chu-bu Office in Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture
2008 February Opened Sagamihara Lab in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
2010 March Increased capital to JPY 31 million
June Began importing products of Haefely EMC Technology, Switzerland
September Certified for ISO9001:2008
November Began importing products of Statex GmbH, Germany
2012 May Opened Kansai Office
August Opened Shin-Yokohama Lab in Yokohama
2014 June Certified for A2LA Calibration Service ISO/IEC 17025:2005
September Opened Hachioji Lab in the Microwave Research Building, Hachioji Campus,
Takushoku University
October Joined Cornes Technologies group


Head Office
3-11-9 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo
TEL: +81 42 727 8008
FAX: +81 42 727 8074
JR Machida St. (Yokohama Line) – 10 min walk from the Terminal Exit
Odakyu Machida St. (Odakyu Line) – 15 min walk from the South Exit
Hachioji Lab
Microwave Research Building, Takushoku University,
815-1 Tatemachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
TEL: +81 42 673 3535
FAX: +81 42 673 5519
Takao St. (JR Chuo Line and Keio Line) – 5 min by Keio Bus for
“Takushoku University”, from the Bus Terminal #1 at the South Exit.
Shin-Yokohama Lab
1F Zuken Shin-Yokohama Bldg., 3-1-1 Shin-Yokohama,
Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
TEL: +81 45 473 8023
FAX: +81 45 473 8048
Shin-Yokohama St. (JR Shinkansen, Yokohama Line, and Blue Line of Yokohama Municipal Subway Train) – 5 min walk from Exit #3
Chu-bu Office
4-14-4 Imahonmachi, Anjo-shi, Aichi
TEL: +81 566 91 7592
FAX: +81 566 91 7593
Shin-Anjo St. (Nagoya Line) – 15 min walk
Kansai Office
7F AiDEM Nishihonmachi No.2 Bldg.,
1-13-40 Nishi-Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka
TEL: +81 6 6535 1611
FAX: +81 6 6535 1612
Honmachi St. (Yotsubashi Line (Underground)) – 3 min walk from Exit #27
Honmachi St. (Midosuji Line (Underground)) – 8 min walk from D
Staircase, Exit 8