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  • Wave Absorber (Urethans/Ferrite)

    We develop/design the several Wave Absorbers of Urethans or Ferrite tyle for Chambers and high performance against temperature response test, etc.

  • Pre-Amplifiers MPR, MDA series

    MPR, MDR series provides low noise, high gain and wideband to improve dynamic range for emission testing. We also offer customized model for variable requirments.. ※Example: ・30M-1000MHz with band-pass filter ・Amprifier unit for connecting antenna directly ・Power sep...

  • Comb generator MCG201 series

    MXG201 series is standard noise generator on EMI mesurement as daily checking purpose. It is suitable for pre-checking for site validation. It does not need AC power by operating the charging battely. The LEDs blinks when the voltage of battely is low.

  • High Frequency Amplifire (R&K)

    R&K, who is biggest Amplifire manufacturer, have produced High Frequency Amplifires with robust and reliable based on the high technologies on EMC market. Their Amp. Is much popular on Electronics and Automotive market. Key : ・Good Linearity, Low Harmonics and Dis...

  • DESK for EMC HighFrequency

    Our unique DESK to measure EMC high frequency is produced by low Permittivity materials, which is less influenced to high frequency, and useful to measure the accuracy without much interference. We can support not only popular size of EMC measurement but also your own requ...

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