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  • EMC Wave Chamber

    Microwave chamber, available to Milwave Measuerment for Antenna, RCS (Rader Cross Section), MIMO, Mobile    devices and others SUpprot for Radiation / Conduction Emmission and Immunity Test Automated Measurement by the software (EMC, Antenna) Support from our profes...

  • Strip-Line for Automotive MSPL-IP

    This is 150mm Strip-Line for Immunity test specified by ISO11452-5. Located wire-harness on the centre of the plate of parallel strip-line, and applied strogth erectric field, then inspect the interfarence immunity.

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  • Haefely Hipotronics (Switzerland)

    A Swiss company Haefely Hipotronics is a leading EMC test equipment company since 1904. The electrostatic discharge test equipment, Onyx series, and compact generator, AXO seri...

  • Optical Convertor (mk-messtechnik GmbH)

    mk-messtechnik GmbH has developed and manufactured the High Immunity Products on the Strongth Erectric Field since established 1999. Especially, we catched up the brand-new au...

  • EMC TEST System Radi Centre Series (DARE!)

    Radi Centre Series supply the complete test system from simple to complicated structures with one, two or seven slots. Max. 7 plug-in cards with own combination to each slot. ...

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