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  • Anechoic Chamber room for Automotive components

    Anechoic Chamber room of most suitable Automotive devices EMI/EMS test of the method of ALSE, which meet the global standard like a 2004/104/EC, several emmission standard like a CISPR25 which automotive manufacturers in EU/USA refer to, Immunity standard like a ISO11452 and o...

  • Shield room / box

    Shield room is the equipment to shut-out the electric/magnetic wave signals from outside and not to leak the electric/magnetic wave signals from inside. We can support as custmized request on room/box size, performance.

  • Anechoic Chamber Box

    Anechoic Chamber Box with Measurement system is much suitable for the measurement of radiation pattern of small antenna, antenna gain and available the measurement of the antenna efficiency of the small RF devices and actual radiation power. In additional, the implementatio...

  • EMC Wave Chamber

    Microwave chamber, available to Milwave Measuerment for Antenna, RCS (Rader Cross Section), MIMO, Mobile    devices and others SUpprot for Radiation / Conduction Emmission and Immunity Test Automated Measurement by the software (EMC, Antenna) Support from our profes...

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