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  • Array Antenna for Millwave・Tera Hertz

    GAP guidedwave line technology patented by gapwaves Co. Ltd. of Sweden was invented by Dr. Per-Simon Kildal of Chalmath Institude Univ. (Gothenburg, Sweden). This technology have been develped by not only Team of Dr. Kildal but also other EU & USA Labs. GAP guidewave li...

  • Antenna for FPU

    Live Broadcasting on Sports like a Marathon race, there was very nervous issues of the height place operation of fitting the Antenna to Base. To solve this issue, MWF have succeeded to co-develop with Fuji Television, FPU Antenna (for the broadcast repeaters) with improved ...

  • Turned Log Peri Antenna MOLP80-1000M

    This is Antenna for IEC61000-4-3 Radiation Immunity Test.  Unique Structure with turned Element increase the GAIN at the low frequency. Stew structure of 22φ and can be fitted to normal Antenna MAST. Prepared special case (on Sale)

  • Double Taper Horn Antenna MDTH series

    This product is the antenna that corresponds to the radar pulse immunity test for automotive equipments. Automotive manufacturers have required the electric field strength of 600 v/m. ・ Amplifier system and cable will be cheaper, and will contribute to the ecology. ・...

  • Turned Multiple Dipole Antenna MODP2080

    Antenna for Radiation Immunity Test on Car Max. Input Power  : 12kW & High Erectric Field at (ε= 4) : 100V/m Contolable the Height/Deviation by own unique Stand ※Patent Information Nominal : Multiple Dipole Antenna unit Number : 5522449

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